Book Review: "One up on Wall Street" by Peter Lynch

Book Review: "One up on  Wall Street" by Peter Lynch Book Report/Review example
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ONE UP ON WALL STREET by Peter Lynch One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch and co-authored by John Rothchild is an account of stock investor. He was the Fund Manager of ‘Fidelity Magellan Fund’. Though, Lynch’s journey to success started from humble beginnings.


This contact helped Lynch to shape up his career in an amazing way. While caddying for this big-wig Lynch became quite intrigued about stocks (Lynch, 49). This interest about stocks also reflected in his educational career.  He is an MBA with Finance major from University of Pennsylvania’s eminent Wharton School. Then he chanced upon to do his summer job in Fidelity due to urging of Sullivan who worked as President of the organization. After his completion of MBA he served army for 2 years and joined Fidelity as Research Analyst (Lynch, 36). After that he took over Magellan Fund and it was the first fund he managed. After managing the Magellan for 12 years he retired from this sector (Lynch, 42). He wrote his experiences and thoughts in the book named ‘One Up on Wall Street’. This book was first published in 1989 and it gained a huge popularity. This book breaks many myths about investments and explains about various precautions when an individual is making an investment on shares and securities. This book also shares Peter Lynch’s experiences during his stint as Fund Manager in ‘Fidelity Magellan Fund’. Lynch’s work offers many suggestions to ordinary investors about making investment, selecting stocks, different possibilities in investment and preparing one-self to take the plunge for making investment. ...
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