Finance and Accounting Essay: Corporate Finance

Finance and Accounting Essay: Corporate Finance Essay example
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Corporate Finance   Executive summary This report is aimed at identifying the various sources of long term finance which Expansion Plc can use to fund its new operating division. The report covers all the relevant factors which the company should keep in mind before selecting any type of source of long term finance.


Contents Corporate Finance   1 Executive summary 2 Contents 3 Introduction 5 Evaluation of different sources of long term capital 5 Sources 5 Cost 7 Risk 7 Advantages 7 Disadvantages 8 Issues involved in seeking an appropriate balance between different types of long term finance and the balance with the short and medium term finance 9 Gearing 9 Traditional and Modigliani and Millar theories 9 Risks associated and other issues related to practical situations 10 Explain and Evaluate Current Thinking on the Efficient Market Hypothesis 11 Introduction 11 The Three Forms of Market Efficiency 11 Tests for Efficient Market Hypothesis 12 Rationale for Fundamental and Technical Analysis 13 Insights from Behavioural Finance 13 Conclusions 13 Conclusion 14 Reference 15 Bibliography 18 Introduction Every company expand its operation at some or the other point of time. Companies have to raise funds to expand its operations. Funds can be raised from various sources but every source of finance has its pros and cons and the suitability of the various sources of finance also differs from the firm to firm. ...
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