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Preparing a Budget Request Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Title: Date: Preparing a Budget Request I am a chief of Police working in a mid-sized town that consists of 75,000 residents. The town is currently experiencing a growth rate of 5 per cent.


However, the rising population could make it hard for the police to carry out their duties as effectively as they should. There have been reports that the crime rate in the downtown area has gone up. I wish to request three to five additional police officers for the city. This will ensure that crime rate is at a minimal level and the officers are not overworked (Mikesell, 2010). Currently the town’s police department has 30 uniformed officers and 12 support staff. This translates to a ratio of 1 police officer for every 2,500 residents. Studies have shown that places with higher populations are likely to harbor more crime than less populated areas. In this town, the population is increasing at a steady rate, which means that the likelihood of increased crime is a reality that needs to be dealt with as early and as fast as possible (Reif-Lehrer, 2005). The town residents are well aware that the police department is currently understaffed. Individuals who are out to cause trouble also know this. The downtown area is most vulnerable to crime due to the businesses situated in the area. Most of the economy of this town depend son the retail trade that is solely centered on the downtown area. If crime rate around this downtown area goes unchecked, the businesses will suffer, and so will the economy of the town. ...
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