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Name: Class Presentation on My Role as an Accountant I would like to thank everybody for the privilege of giving you an insight of one of the most rewarding career there is which is the field of Accountancy. Not so long ago, I was also one of you attentively listening to what career path I should take and this kind of event helped me decide to become what I am now, an Accountant.


Controversial, because I am sure one way or another you have heard the recent news of financial scandals and crisis which was also brought by this profession. To give you a brief synopsis of the objective or what an Accountant does, it “is to record, classify, summarize, and interpret the transactions of an [business] entity“(Brewer, 2009, pg. 96). While this function may sound simple in text, the implication of it however is quite complex because ultimately,”the objective of financial accounting was to provide information useful in economic decision making” (Brewer et al, 2004, pg. 15). Through accounting, an entity is able to determine its financial position by recording all the transactions incurred in a given period, classify and summarize it to be used in making a rationale economic decision. The tool that is usually used for making that rationale economic decision is called Financial Statements. This is basically a written report that describes the economic well being of a business entity which comes in the form of Income Statement, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow. Income Statement simply tells whether a business entity is earning or not. ...
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