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Volex Group Issue 1: Evaluating Volex Group's Strategy on International Activity Companies go global for greener pastures and sustained growth. That works as a cushion particularly, when domestic markets are in a grip of recession. It is a fact that that the operations of the companies are becoming increasingly international in nature.


Volex is known in the market to provide engineering design expertise for all associated solutions. Product development has been Volex’s forte. Internationally, Volex is well established with wide manufacturing bases and deep sales/service network. Volex has taken a lead in establishing manufacturing bases at 9 strategic locations considering the logistics and needs of all the major OEMS. These 9 locations are capable of product development, manufacturing and testing. 1. The companies which are strong in meeting the servicing needs of the consumers emerge victorious in the market place. This philosophy is strongly grasped by Volex that is why it runs more than 20 sales and support offices in Asia, Europe, North and South America. 2. The delivery within short time frame is considered one of the most essential strategies in the international arena to thwart competition. Keeping that in mind, the company has created several stocking hubs across all major consuming regions of the world. ...
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