Finance and Accounting Assignment: Credit and Market Risk

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Finance & Accounting
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The seminars and workshops conducted throughout the semesters have been very helpful in making me aware about how firms are making use of different concepts in the real world that I have learnt throughout the semester. In addition to this, these seminars and workshops are helpful in learning from the experience of some of the top management people in different organizations as they share their own experience as well.


Ratio analysis helps in identifying how a firm is utilizing its resources, how it is managing its cash flow and how much profit it is able to earn on the investment the firm has made and these ratios are helpful for the management to make certain decisions like whether the management should raise more capital from debt or not, how much capital structure of the firm is risky at the moment, does the firm has sufficient working capital etc. In addition to this, these ratios are used by investors, shareholders, competitors, suppliers, distributors and other stakeholders of the company in order to analyze the performance of the firm against other competing firms in the industry and they also make their decisions using these financial ratios. Ratios are used by the management of the firm to predict the future performance as well as compare the performance of the firm against their own performance and performance of other firms in the industry. In addition to this, the seminar was helpful as the concept of benchmarking was explained in an interesting way. ...
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