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Cost allocation - Essay Example


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Cost allocation

The intention of this study is cost allocation as is evident from the fact that various firms use several methods of cost allocation. A cost allocation method should meet the specific criteria of the organization so that the ineligible items needed in cost appropriation can be removed and more appropriate items can be included. A systematic and rational cost allocation method should be adopted in the organization. It has to be determined in the beginning as to which divisions in the hospital can be differentiated as service centers or revenue centers and it should be decided how the service costs will be assigned in the hospital and the correct cost drivers should be chosen as well.The direct allocation of costs may not be a clear reflection of the revenue center’s actual use of service. While Western hospital is charging $555 from the patient, the Academic Hospital is charging from the former, $450 instead of $400, when $400 was the negotiated price. Moreover, Western Hospital has found that an independent laboratory agrees to do the work for $375 as compared to the $400 that the other hospital is charging. This implies that there is no rational cost allocation method that has been adopted by the Academic hospital in fixing its costs. Furthermore, the Academic Hospital was charging $90 for overhead costs, which is applicable in both the cases, whether the amniocentesis laboratory tests were done there or not. The hospital even demanded to charge $60 in case of incurring profit. This is

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All small, medium and large companies run their business function with the help of information technology rather than using traditional techniques. From the perspective of cost accounting, all the indirect costs and overheads were absorbed in direct costs using absorption costing methodology in traditional costing system.
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General Electric's Allocation of Costs
The costs should be allocated keeping in mind the benefits. This will help in identifying, in an organization such resources which needs cost for buying capital, managing cost for buying raw materials and inventory, costs for salaries, operational and various variable costs are needed to get the organization going.
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Cost Accounting Essay
Even measuring the data and allocating the usage to each department incur costs as lots and lots of devices are to be installed for measuring this data and computerized requisition. The purpose of I.T department is to assist the various other departments in the firm about computer related issues.
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Cost Accounting Proposal
Considering that this is an online business unit of a merchandising company, the cost classifications need to be delineated. First, researchers note that a merchandising firm has only one inventory account, representing the merchandise that it buys and sells (Lewis, 1993).
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In order to facilitate the collection of such data and information, the management control system should be backed by an efficient costing system. It is also essential that the costs are collected on the basis of activities of the organization properly classified into relevant cost drivers.
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ACC403, Principles of Accounting Mod 4 Case Assignment
b. Multi-Purpose Facilities – These are features of the CVP that serve multiple purposes, such as dams and reservoirs. Other multi-purpose facilities include radio, telemetry, and other communications equipment, rain and stream gages, permanent operating
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Plantwide and Department Allocation Methods within an Activity Based Costing System
In short, it is a system of assigning costs to products or services based on the resources that they consume (Hindle, 2003). Once activities have been identified in the business processes of producing goods
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Cost Allocation
y on administrative agencies and support positions in line departments, the City allocated significant amounts of money on the City’s priority programs, which include public safety, human services, and youth violence prevention. Public safety is the highest priority of the
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Cost allocation and activity based costing
The briefing is inclusive of pertinent challenges, issues and the significance of the article to business organizations. Lastly, slide show contentment has been prepared, which include a sample question and answer on ABC. Below is the briefing. Cost allocation is a concept that refers to the determination of the expenses incurred to offer a service.
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not a correct cost allocation as it is not at all systematic. Since it is a merger, there should be profits for both the firms, then only they can continue the business in a harmonious way. How were cost centers determined? The determination of cost centres in an organization is done through an evaluation of the costs of the organization. “A cost centre is part of an organization that does not produce direct profit and adds to the cost of running a company. Examples of cost centres include research and development departments, marketing departments, help desks and customer service/centres. Although not always demonstrably profitable, a cost centre typically adds to revenue indirectly or fulfils some other corporate mandate” (Cost Center, 2000, para. 1). Cost centre can be a location, individual or an item of equipment (or group of these) of the prices that are determined and can perform the function of cost control. In this problem, the cost centres are determined using the given facts about the departments and functions performed by both the hospitals. An evaluation of both Academic hospital and Western hospital is done to determine the cost centres. As per the details of the problem both hospitals have one cost centres each. But, here, the cost centre of the Western Hospital is considered, as the problem is faced in the case of laboratory services. An accounting of the cost centre helps the organization to check the profitability of individual functional areas and to take appropriate decision that would compensate for losses ans help in the attainment o future gains. Table: 1- Cost of services allocated to cost centres. Cost Centre Service Unit Cost($) Profit($) Laboratory (per test) Amniocentesis 300 450 105 The above table shows the present situation in the Western hospital when the laboratory service is provided by the Academic hospital. But if the same service is taken from outside at a lower cost of $375, then the Western hospital will get an increment of $75 in its profit. How would fixed and variable costing differ in this situation? Cost analysis and the considerate character of cost behavior are very significant for the accountants of the organizations. These issues allow estimating potential costs and stages of manufacture as we observe current costs and productions. Costs are a


This research aims to evaluate and present cost allocation and cost centres. A cost centre is part of an organization that does not produce direct profit and adds to the cost of running a company. Its examples include research and development departments, marketing departments, help desks and customer service…
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Cost allocation
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