The Coca-Cola Company Financial Results Analysis

The Coca-Cola Company Financial Results Analysis Assignment example
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The Coca-Cola Company Financial Results Analysis Contents Accounting Policies 3 Reference 6 Introduction The Coca-Cola Company is a world famous company which was founded in 1886. Pharmacist John Pemberton made the soft drink combining various ingredients.


In this project second quarter’s financial results of 2011 have been analyzed. The analysis includes the overall growth of the group, growth in individual markets along with its long term goals and objective. A special analysis has been done on the growth and performance of North American market. Apart from various analyses a comparison has been done between the earning per share of the second quarter with the historic performance. A study has been made on the impact of emerging markets on the long term growth of the company. This project also includes a study on the profitability drivers of the company and their impact on the company’s objective. Accounting Policies The Coca Cola Company follows the US GAAP model for preparing its financial statements. With the information required by GAAP the company also records the non GAAP information which is used to measure the performance of the company more accurately (Coca-Cola Company, 2011, p.12). North American Market The Coca-Cola Company has a strong market in the North American region. In the second quarter of 2011 the company’s overall volume increased by 6%. The growth in volume in north America was 4% while the operating income increased by 46% which was highest compared to the percentage increase in other markets. ...
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