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Ratio Analysis In APA Format Technology has improved by leaps and bounds; the last typewriter store has closed down very recently. There are newer products which are being made available by leading companies and these products have been faring very well in the market.


This paper will shed light upon the financial ratios of Apple, how the company will fare in the future will also be comprehensively analyzed. ROI stands for return on investment, Apple’s ROI matches DELL which is great news for the company, return on investment goes to show that the products have been selling very well in the market. The sales growth of Apple has also seen a significant rise in the last quarter, all these are indicators that the company is performing very well. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple has been coming up with strategies to promote the products, even though he has had severe health issues, he has been very successful in building the brand name of Apple. Apple has also managed to diversify which is again very good for the business, the company is not dependent on only one product but they have a plethora of products which can be relied upon, this has reduced the risk for the company. Apple operates on a much higher gross margin than other companies, Gross margin of 29.02% is the margin that the company operates at, this goes to show that the company has adopted a higher selling price mix. Products like iMac and Ipads have really given Apple an edge and this is why the company can afford to set higher prices for their products. ...
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