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Capital Structure Analysis Table of Contents Problem 28 3 Prob. a) 4 Prob. b) 5 Prob. c) 5 Prob. d) 5 References 7 Bibliography 7 Problem 28 Info Systems Technology (IST) is a manufacturer of microprocessor chips. The company has 100 million shares outstanding and no debt.


Since the managers are not sure of the accurate share price IST, the company would face a lemons problem if it would wish to raise the amount of capital required through issuing equity. A lemons problem takes place when both the buyers as well as the sellers have asymmetric information about the worth of the product in order to take an informed choice, and it is not possible to get hold of the correct information. For example, if in the market, the buyer cannot determine the value or worth of the product precisely, then he might be willing to pay only an average price for it, which is near about the mean value of the bid price and the offer price. But, this skews the balance towards the lemon seller (whose products are not of high quality), because receiving an average price for his low quality product is good enough for him; as the average price would definitely be higher than the price the product would command if the buyer knew in advance about the quality of the product. This occurrence also places the seller of a good quality product in a disadvantageous position, since the best value such a seller can anticipate to get for his product is an average price, which is actually lower than the value the product should command (Tel Aviv University, n.d.). Prob. ...
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