Research Methods and Methodologies in Accounting and Management

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Running Head: Research Methods Research Methods [Writer’s Name] [Institute’s Name] Research Methods Positivist Research Methodology Positivists believe that reality is present in an objective manner and the researcher or the finder may use measureable properties to define that reality.


August Comte was the philosopher, which coined the term positivism and linked it with empiricism, which believes that authentic knowledge can only be gained with the help of our senses, human experience, and verification. Positivist researchers aimed at creating mechanisms with which they could develop hypothesis, test them in a manner, which helps them to predict the future occurrences or behavior (Scott & Morrison, pp. 314-316, 2006; Cohen, pp. 124-125, 2007). The positivist research approach is also known as the scientific approach where the logical of inquiry is based on reason, facts, and experiences. Holding knowledge of anything, which is beyond the human experience or which cannot be observed or measured, is impossible (Eriksson & Kovalainen, pp. 89-91, 2008). For example, in his research and studies, the focus of B. F. Skinner was on observing the predicting the positive and negative reinforces of behavior and he went on to avoid all other cultural, human and social factors which can impact the process since it is not possible to observe, measure and predict them (Phillimore & Goodson, pp. 209-211, 2004). Moreover, positivist researcher avoid the subjective state of individuals because they think that humans are passive and reactive to the external stimuli, which makes their thinking and behavior predictable and unworthy of attention. ...
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