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Essay example - Companies Research

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Finance & Accounting
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Ratio Formula Chevron Corp. (CVX) Eaton Corporation (ETN) The Kroger Co. (KR) Wall-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) Current Ratio 1.53 1.74 0.87 0.9 Total Asset Turnover 1.08 0.795 3.497 2.335 Times Interest Earned 381.48 7.83 3.49 8.43 Total Debt-Equity 9.89 46.01 141.81 81.39 Return on Sales 9.55% 6.77% 1.38% 3.885% Return on Asset 10.94% 5.46% 6.29% 8.91% Return on Equity 21.33% 15.9% 22.87% 23.44% P/E Ratio(trailing) 8.53 12.17 12.64 11.26 Market to Book Value Ratio 1.69 1.74 2.69 2.76 *Note= mrq = Most Recent Quarter (as of Apr 30, 2011)  trailing = Trailing Twelve Months (as of Apr 30, 2011) Following is a description of how Chevron Corp., Eaton Corporation, the Kroger Co…

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Total Asset Turnover has been on the high for Kroger and Wall-Mart with 3.487 and 2.335 respectively. Eaton has failed to maintain a high ratio; its turnover ratio stands at 0.795. Eaton Corporation has struggled in this regard as well, which is evident by its last position in the industry with respect to earnings produced with each dollar spent on an asset. Total Debt to equity ratio has been high for all four organizations but Kroger Co. crosses all boundaries with a ratio of 141.81:1. Wall-Mart stands second with 81.39, and Eaton is third with a ratio of 46. Chevron is a relatively low leveraged firm, which is indicated by the minimal interest payments it has to make. Chevron, being the most profitable company, leads the chart in terms of times interest earned with a ratio multiple of 381. For the current year, Chevron had interest payments of only $50,000. Wall-Mart is the second company to make substantially high returns out of the debt it takes with a multiple of 8.43. Kroger Co. ...
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