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PR Communication Memo [Name] [Course Title] [University] [Instructor Name] [Date] PR Communication Memo Press Release California – August 25, 2011 – The Board of Directors announced today that the Chief Financial Officer of the company has resigned. The Board has directed the Senior Manager of the Finance Department to act as the CFO of the company with immediate effect.


The company wishes him the best for the future. The Chief Executive Officer of the company has directed the staff to continue with the strategy that was under implementation. Under to Board’s direction, all the financial responsibilities and duties will be transferred to the new CFO following the succession plan of the company. The CEO and the Board of Directors have showed confidence in the abilities of the new CFO and they assure the stockholders that the change in position would not affect the financial position of the company in the future. According to the Board of Directors of the company, the reasons behind the resignation of the CFO were personal and could not be disclosed, however it was assured that the reasons were completely legitimate. The company is conducting business activities at a large scale and is a profitable company. The company has a huge capital and it promises future successes to its stockholders. Internal Memo TO: The Manager FROM: Assistant Manager DATE: August 25, 2011 SUBJECT: Resignation of the CFO The Chief Financial Officer of the company has resigned and there are some obligations that are required to be met by the company in such scenario. ...
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