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Kroger Co. is a prominent name in the retail industry. It operates in more than 2400 retail grocery stores and multi-department stores in 31 states. Kroger Co. stands to fulfill customer needs for groceries and much more.


Although, most of its competitors have experienced negative sales growth in 2010, Kroger Co. has not failed to keep its shareholders satisfied by steady sales growth in the last 29 quarters. Kroger Co. takes pride in its loyal customer base as approximately one-half of US households have a Kroger loyalty card. This has been a result of Customer 1st strategy that Kroger Co. believes in. It has also been popular among shareholders for its consistent dividend payments. In 2010, it distributed $250 million along with maintaining investment-grade credit rating and reducing long-term debt which eventually resulted in capital gains.
Profitability ratios are an indicator of a company’s performance over the year. Profitability ratios include operating profit margin, net profit margin, return on asset, and return on equity (Puxty, Dodds & Wilson 1988). Sales increased by 7.1% to $82.2 billion in 2010, which is more than its competitors. Operating profit margin for the year 2010 was 2.65% with operating profits of $2.182 billion. Return on sales, also known as net-profit margin, were impressive in 2010 with reported net earnings of $1.12 billion to get $1.74 earning per diluted share. Net profit margin for the year was 1.36%. Shareholders are also interested in return on assets and equity. ...
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