Comparative Financial Analysis of Target Corporation and JC Penney

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Running head: Comparative Financial Analysis Comparative Financial Analysis of Target Corporation and JC Penney <name> <course> <institution> Comparative Financial Analysis of Target Corporation and JC Penney Business background of JC Penney and Target Corporation In this report, the financial conditions and performance of two companies are going to be compared…


JC Penney likewise had its beginnings in a small dry goods store in 1902 (JC Penney, 2011). Target operates some 1,750 stores within the United States; JC Penney also operated some 2,000 stores at one time, although some have since then been closed due to the economic crisis. Sources of data Data for this study were sourced from the companies’ respective 10-K reports and annual stockholders’ reports from the years 2005 to 2010,and from thence sourced the needed financial statements (income statement and balance sheet), and their accompanying notes and explanations. The reports and additional data were downloaded from the companies’ official websites. Capital accounts: Market and book values The spreadsheets attached to this report show the six-year comparative balance sheets and income statement as they originally appear; as common size, per cent of assets balance sheet and per cent of sales income statement; and then as ratios to the accounts for 2005, the designated base year. Then a spread sheet shows the comparative financial ratios computed for the two companies, indicating liquidity, activity, debt, profitability, and per share ratios. ...
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