Financial Reporting Analylis: French Connection Group PLC.

Financial Reporting Analylis: French Connection Group PLC. Essay example
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FINANCIAL REPORTING ANALYSIS: FRENCH CONNECTION GROUP PLC. REPORT AND ACCOUNTS TO 31 JANUARY 2011 Name Course Instructor University Date of Submission Financial Reporting Analysis: French Connection Group PLC Part A Question 1: What is the name of your company?


They specialize in fashion clothing and accessories for men, women and children as well. Apart from the French Connection brand, the group is also responsible for these international brands: YMC, Great Plains and Toast. French Connection remains the biggest contributor to their profits, bringing in more than 90% of the group’s revenues. Question 3: List the names of the members of the Board of Directors, showing the split between executive and non-executive directors. The French Connection PLC Board of Directors is made up of 3 executive Directors and 2 non-executive ones. Their details are as follows: Executive Directors: 1. Chairman and Chief Executive- Stephen Marks 2. Finance Director- Roy Naismith C.A 3. Operations Director- Neil Williams A.C.A Non-Executive Directors: 1. Claire Kent 2. Dean Murray Question 4: What does the report say about the duties of the Audit Committee?  The Annual Report of French Connection Group PLC outlines many duties of the Audit Committee. These are: 1. appointing an external auditor, 2. deciding the audit fee, 3. dealing with matters relates to resignation or discharge of the external auditors, 4. discussing the following issues with the external auditors before the commencement of the audit a. nature and scope of audit b. the cost-effectiveness of the audit c. the objectivity and independence of the external auditor, 5. reviewing any audited accounts in relation to: a. ...
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