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Financial Project: Part II Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Financial Project: Part II A. Income and Expense for September Income Per Month Per Annum Percent Income from work (mine) $ 2,800 $ 33,600 44.44 Income from work (husband) 3,500 42,000 55.56 Total Income 6,300 75,600 100.00 Expenses Variable Expenses Food allowance 1,500 18,000 23.81 Transportation 900 10,800 14.29 Savings for emergency 300 3,600 4.76 Miscellaneous 300 3,600 4.76 Total Variable Expenses 3,000 36,000 47.62 Fixed Expenses Utilities 300 3,600 4.76 Telephone and Cable 250 3,000 3.97 Housing loan payment 2,000 24,000 31.75 Total Fixed Expenses 2,550 30,600 40.48 Total Expenses 5,550 66,600 88.10 Net Surplus 750 9,000


Some excess amount are spent on maintenance of our vehicle, purchasing consumer goods, clothing, shoes, or school requirements that are not foreseen. It is good to realize that there is actually a net surplus that is left after accounting for all the fixed expenses, which represented about 40.48% of net income; and the variable expenses amounting to 47.62%. It simply gives the family more leeway in terms of adjusting the variable expenses when time comes that we need to minimize some expenses to give way to more important priorities. The projected income is easy to determine as no other sources were currently eminent. The income from salaries of both my husband and me as teachers comprises the basic cash in which is easy to establish on a monthly or yearly basis. ...
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