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Methods to Make Money with Stocks with the Investopedia Stock Simulator - Admission Essay Example

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Admission Essay
Finance & Accounting
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A stock market has always been a place for many to try and make a killing through skillful and methodical approach. Peter Lynch, Warren Buffet, George Soros are some of the well known names having made their fortunes in the stock market and inspired numerous people to learn and master trading and investment philosophies in the right earnest. …

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Methods to Make Money with Stocks with the Investopedia Stock Simulator

Warren Buffet is a strong believer in compounding power of the money that is why he prefers to invest usually for a long period of time. His wisdom does not prompt him to be a frequent trader. His long-term horizons are made of 20 years or so unless something critical has happened with the stock. He also believes in philosophy to remain away from the untested companies which have not proved their credentials and definite sign of succeeding in the market place. Having full faith in Buffet’s ground philosophy and believing that ‘all eggs should not be in the same basket’, I consciously decided to diversify my long term portfolio in 14-15 companies across various industry sectors. It was also kept in mind that in any case there should not be more than 2 companies in a single sector thus, reducing the company specific risk.
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