Investment analysis and Corporate Report Analysis on SAINSBURYS [first class answer]

Investment analysis and Corporate Report Analysis on SAINSBURYS [first class answer] Essay example
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Investment and Corporate Report Analysis: Sainsbury’s Supermarket Limited Organizational Background Sainsbury’s Supermarket Limited, known simply as Sainsbury’s, is recognized as the United Kingdom’s third largest supermarket chain. As of most recent estimates the organization retained a 16.5% market share in the UK supermarket sector.


In 1973 the organization went public and is today on the FTSE 100 Index. The Sainsbury family retains a reported 15% of the organization, as reduced from its 2003 35% level. Since the 2003 sale the current largest shareholder, at 26%, is the Qatari royal family ("J sainsbury 142," 2011). In the 1980s the company experienced its period of greatest success achieving its highest historic market share ("J sainsbury 142," 2011). The 1990s witnessed a slight decline and by 1995 Tesco had become the sector’s primary grocery retailer. In 2003 Asda, bringing Sainsbury’s to its current market position as third, further supplanted the organization. A. Financial Analysis In considering the extent that Sainsbury’s holds strong investment potential, this corporate analysis largely implements a value-oriented approach to security analysis. In large part articulated by seminal theorist Benjamin Graham and popularized by investor Warren Buffet, this approach to equity analysis considers investment viability in terms of the organization’s long-term strength and conservative valuation (Graham 1993). ...
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