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Essay example - Finance Project

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Finance & Accounting
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Final Project: Power Co Introduction: PowerCo, a medium sized generator and seller of electricity in the United States is aiming to build a new generator for the increased consumption of electricity in the area. In order to find how much beneficial the project will be for the company, financial projections were conducted by the treasury department…

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As the project considers a period of ten years critical evaluation is required to decide the outcome of the project. Analysis: 1. The expected cost for the project: Year Expected cost(in million dollars) 1 25 2 28 Opportunity cost of the project= 8% Present value of the cost of the project: Cost (i) Discounting factor at 8 % (ii) Present value (i*ii) 25 0.926 23.15 28 0.857 23.996 2. Present value of the after tax cash profit: Year( i) Cash flow(after tax) (in million $) (ii) Discounting factor at 8% (iii) Present value(ii*iii) 3 6 0.794 4.764 4 7 0.735 5.145 5 8 .681 5.448 6 9 0.63 5.67 7 9 0.583 5.247 8 9 0.541 4.869 9 9 0.5 4.5 10 9 0.463 4.167 11 9 0.429 3.861 12 9 0.397 3.573 Total present value of cash flows=$47.244. Discounting Factor values (Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity Table, n. d) 3. Expected Net present value= Present value of the total cash inflow-the present value of the total cash outflow= 47.244-(23.15+23.996) (Kapil, n. d, p.399) = $ 0.098(in millions) As the figure here reflects a positive NPV so the project will be beneficial to the organization and should be accepted. ...
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