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Financial Statement Analysis Student’s Name University Date of Submission Table of Contents Introduction 3 Analysis 4 Property Plant and Equipment 4 Intangible Assets 5 Current Liabilities 6 Long term Liabilities 6 Summary 9 Bibliography 10 Introduction The analysis of a company’s financial data reflects the company’s performance.


For the purpose of this paper, the organization of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has been chosen. This company is known for developing and implementing end to end solutions for other companies. It’s the company’s goals to design solutions that are aligned with their clients’ objectives. The various kinds of solutions they provide cover the areas of professional services, support services and managed services. The analysis of the company is described in detail here. Analysis: In the analysis of this company we will be focusing on a few areas of the financial statements. These areas include: property plant and equipment, intangible assets, current liabilities, long term liabilities and capital leases. All of these areas will be discussed separately and their data will be analyzed over the period of last two years. Property, Plant and Equipment: The net value of the property, plant and equipment has increased by approximately 4% (2009-$1672 million; 2010-$1740 million). It is a result of higher acquisitions and less disposals as compared to the year 2009. As compared to the last year the company acquired approximately $50 million additional assets and decreased disposal of assets by approximately $154 million. The depreciation charge for the year was $36 million lesser than the last year (2009- $502 million; $467 million). ...
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