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Tesco plc is a constituent of FTSE 100, a global grocery and merchandise retailer. Tesco being the second largest retailer by profit after Wal-Mart and third largest by revenues following Wal-Mart and Carrefour have stores worldwide in 14 countries like Asia, North America and Europe.


Headquartered at Hertfordshire, Tesco plc is the grocery market leader of UK with over 30 % of the total market share. The company is also having its presence at Malaysia, Republic of Ireland and at Thailand. With around 2318 stores worldwide Tesco operates in 1878 stores within UK. Tesco was established with the amalgamation of T. E. Stockwell and Cohen with the success of the self-service grocery store and then it started expanding its business from small stores to large supermarkets. At a very fast pace it became a popular name on the mind of the households with the launch of the household goods and apparels. Then Tesco entered into the business of petrol stations selling fuels for competitive prices. With gradual revenue earning the company expanded even bigger with various other sectors like in Banking, Financial products and services (Data monitor, 2004, p.4). With the belief of a sustainable growth and well governed business the investors of the Tesco plc wants competitive returns of their investments or shareholdings. Transparency of the company’s operation plays a vital role in gaining the trust of the stakeholders and they expect the implementation of the robust strategies of the firm for a long-term progress. ...
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