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Name Professor Class Date Allocation of Funds to the DOE: Recommendations based upon the expertise of Paul Roberts The purpose of this paper is to determine the distribution of monies for the Department of Energy for 2012. In order to assess which areas merit more money, we need to determine criteria for viable sources of energy.


This document will show the reasons for the re-allocation of the monies toward viable sources of energy, and will also outline the importance of energy conservation as a tool in adjusting from hydrocarbon fuel sources to the alternative energy source formats. Current Distribution of Funds, in millions, for 2011 Projected Distribution of Funds, in millions, for 2012 $100M Nuclear Energy $100M Nuclear Energy $145M Fossil Fuels $45M Fossil Fuels, until projected phase-out $75M Alternative Energy Sources ($40M for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) ($90M for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells) ($15M for Solar Energy) ($10M for Wind) ($25M for Wind) ($10M for Biomass) ($0 for Water Power) ($40M for Water Power) $30M Energy Conservation and Weatherization $50M Energy Conservation and Weatherization Our planet is in crisis. We are technologically more advanced than ever, but our advancement comes at a price. We need to face the reality that our energy consumption is far exceeding the fuel resources we are using to sustain our lifestyle. ...
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