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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Fraud The article, ‘The Fraud Factor; A Case Study’ by Mathias K. Kopetzky as indicated in the CPA journal outlines the norm fraud and ways that can be used as countermeasures to the norm. The author describes Herbert Kearns, a salesman and his future business partner, Simon Leary.


Leary on the other hand had a shy personality. These two future business associates met at an organization referred to as CCC Computer Corp, where Leary was the manager at the technical support and assembling center and Kearns was a noteworthy and store computer. These two were very proficient salespeople who often delivered more sales that the company would realistically be able to sale. The two worked for CCC for many years, but later Kearns quit the job due to low pay, and he decided to start his own business ventures. His planned to call his new business ‘Gamma Computer Inc.’ and with the help of Simon, he hoped to draw all customers to his new founded business (Wells 115). From the author, we learn that this new business showed tremendous growth in quite a short time interval. This was extremely easy for it to achieve since Herbert had learned enough while at CCC Company, hence he would easily apply business practices for all clients. Second Savings Bank, one of the largest financial corporations in the country supported Gamma in this corporation. Such help is also important as it enhances the market segment of the weaker company since people are always pulled towards a company that has noteworthy performance. From the author, we learn that Second Saving supported Gamma in a variety of ways. ...
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