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Q1 Qualitative Aspects of a company Qualitative aspects of a company are important to analyze due to its subjective nature. All aspects cannot be quantified and given a numeric value therefore; it is essential for an individual to see which factors have the biggest say in devising a company’s outlook.


Models could be easy or difficult to understand depending on the company’s flow of transmission of value for consideration. The level of complexity in a model could be the deciding factor for investment by an investor. (Ritchie)Moreover, unless one comprehends a company's business model, one would not know what the drivers are for future growth, and he will leave himself susceptible to being blindsided. For instance, Warrant Buffet never invested in an IT firm because he was unable to comprehend their business model. Competitive Advantage  Another key aspect is the identification of company’s competitive advantage over others. An investor is particularly interested in long-term success of the company and to reach that he needs to know which element would keep the company’s performance better than others. For instance, Wall-Mart possesses competitive advantage in price of the product. It means that it provides the product in the lowest price and no competitor can beat them in a price war. Ultimately, if a company achieves competitive advantage, then its shareholders will be rewarded for decades. Management  A company cannot reach its objectives and cannot implement its business model if the leaders of the company fail to execute a plan. This information is present on the website of each company but it’s always sugar coated and one would not find anything useful on the site. ...
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