computer crimes,ethics, and privacy

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Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name Customer Inserts Grade Course (23, 10, 2011) Computer Crimes, Ethics, and Privacy Introduction The age of technology has made our world cozier to a great extent but at the same technology has negatively affected the moral values of the society in general.


The advent of computers and internet in our daily life has given rise to computer crimes, illicit activity that is carried out by the help of computers, and these crimes have had a ponderous impact on the moral values of the people, especially adolescents. In this paper we will attempt to highlight some computer crimes and explain how these crimes give rise to ethical issues. Also a detailed discussion will be made on the breach of privacy through computer crimes. The paper talks about computer technology and ethical issues it poses therefore it is perfectly related to the chapter. Computer Crimes Computer crimes are formally defined as crimes that involve a computer and a network (Moore, 4). Crimes that are carried out by the help of a computer or where computer is the target also come under computer crimes. The word cyber crime is also used interchangeably for computer crime. The most common of computer crimes include identity theft, financial theft, spamming, and breach of privacy. There has been seen a surge in cyber crimes mainly due to the increasing reliance on computers and network. Almost everything is run by computers these days and therefore can be targeted by cyber criminals. ...
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