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Customer Name Instructor Name Course Name University Date The Goal, a Process of Ongoing Improvement Introduction Written by a renowned industry guru Eliyahu M. Goldratt, The Goal, is a fictitious work of literature that addresses a unique subject in terms of the novel varieties being read by the readers.


In this novel the authors have used their creativity to talk about the managerial issues faced by employees in the western working environment and the possible repercussions of the prevalent state of affairs that are required to be addressed on immediate basis in the corporate sector before it’s all too late. Theory of Constraints The authors add the element of surprise and interest in the story by subjecting Alex Rogo to “cross-road” situation where he has to save his job in a period of just 90 days bearing in mind that his domestic life is also not running smoothly as his marriage is turning out to be disaster as well. Under such intricate scenarios the authors try to explain and introduce the famous “Theory of Constraints”. The Theory of Constraints is one the most widely used theories in the business environments today as it is applicable to a wide variety of processes involved in Operations and Project management. Bottlenecks Identifying bottlenecks at the right time is also another aspect addressed in the book. Bottlenecks and their identification are very important managerial tasks that the corporate governance looks to be performed at the right time by its managers. The bottlenecks refer to the blockages and hindrances that a particular department faces during the process of accomplishing the desired goals. ...
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