Do Oil Prices Influence Non-Oil Sector Stocks in Saudi Arabia?

Do Oil Prices Influence Non-Oil Sector Stocks in Saudi Arabia? Research Paper example
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Running head: INFLUENCE OF OIL PRICES ON NON-OIL SECTOR STOCKS. AN ANALYSIS OF THE INFLUENCE OF OIL PRICES ON NON-OIL SECTOR STOCKS IN SAUDI ARABIA Name University Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Abstract 3 I. Introduction 4 II. Formulation of Hypothesis 8 III.


The research will also investigate the role of the country’s oil dependence on the stock market in Saudi Arabia too as it has been previously confirmed by research. Besides, the research is also going to confirm whether the dependence of the Saudi Arabian economy on oil is much higher than in the US, as it has been established before that contrary to the finding of this report for US, a higher correlation is always expected between oil prices and stocks in Saudi Arabia. This report includes 8 main sections including the Introduction, Literature review, Research methodology, Findings and Conclusions. The introduction provides a background and context for the research done, as well as describing the scope and objectives of the report, the achievements of previous studies and an overview of the entire research briefly explaining the contents in other sections. In the Literature review the existing studies in this field are discussed. The research methodology and findings section describe the method of data collection, as well as a detailed analysis of the results and how they were obtained. The Conclusion summarises the issues discussed in the research, as well as the achievements. This paper also discusses the statistical data collected and evaluates the research compared to existing work and set the direction for future work in this field. I. ...
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