Financial Report for Custom Snowboards Inc.

Financial Report for Custom Snowboards Inc. Essay example
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Student Name: XXXX Tutors Name: XXXX Subject: Custom Snowboard Inc Date: 28/10/11 Custom Snowboards Inc Report A 1 In analysing the level of risk presented by the project that Custom Snowboards Inc is seeking funding for, the bank may consider a wide range of issues.


At present the company is funded with $750 of debt to $903.8 of equity representing a debt to equity ratio of 0.83 or 83 cents of debt funding for every $1 of equity funding. Other considerations may consider the liquidity of the company, while many companies have a great business model and represent a good long term investment, many fail simply due to an inability to meet short term cash flow needs (Brealey et al 2006). At present, the liquidity position of Custom Snowboards Inc would appear to be healthy with a current ratio of 6.12 and an acid test of 3.91. The concern here on the behalf of the bank may be that Custom Snowboards Inc is not actually making best use of its current assets, rather than a concern over the liquidity of the company at this stage (Arnold, 2007). Further issues which the bank may consider is the long term prospects of the company, here the bank may choose to analyse both various measures of profitability as well as the underlying sales of the company which ultimately driver profitability. At present, the bank may highlight key concerns over both falling sales revenue and sharp falls in the operating and net profit margin. ...
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