Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations Essay example
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Financial Management In Non- Profit Organizations Executive Summary Non-profit and For-profit organizations vary with each other in terms of a number of aspects. Both the organizations play important roles but with different motives. Non-profit organizations play a very important role as it renders service without any profit.


urban, sub-urban, rural area. Most of the non-profit organizations are small in size. For-profit organizations are basically profit motivated. They do not depend on funds or donations but depend on other sources like loans, debentures, ventured capital and leasing among others. The accumulated profit is divided among the stockholders themselves rather than investing it in the company. Both the organizations have their own mottos and goals. The paper intends to discuss the financial management in the non-profit organizations. Also, the study aims to compare the management of finance in non-profit organization with that of for-profit organizations. The different head under which the classifications are made include sources of funds, use of debts, performance evaluation, and utilization of funds and governance mechanism. This investigation also comprise of a dedicated concluding section along with certain recommendations. ...
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