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Financial Anaysis: NIKE Inc - Research Paper Example


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Financial Anaysis: NIKE Inc

Currently, the company has over 700 Nike retail shops on a global scale and in the US alone, there are about 24,000 retail accounts. Apart from this, the company has licensees and independent distributors in various countries around the world. Nike employs over 38,000 people currently and with 321 executives, the company has made tremendous steps in the market segment (Smith 56). Financial Performance NIKE Inc. has continued to perform notably well in the market segment. Reports for the FY2012 first quarter that were released on 22nd September 2011 illustrate the proficient financial performance of NIKE Inc. The reports indicated that revenues for the company shot up to $6.1 billion, representing an increment of 18% in revenues. Diluted earnings per share shot up by 19% to reach $1.36 billion. In the same period of time, inventories of NIKE inc. rose up by 41 % from the previous quarter. Worldwide futures orders for NIKE were also proficient in performance as they recorded a 16 % increment. All these figures recorded by the company are record figures, and this is an indication of the strong market performance of NIKE Inc. This can be attributed to an enhanced demand for NIKE products and tax efficiencies when purchasing NIKE Inc. items. Furthermore, the company has extended its performance in the market segment as a result of a lower average share count as compared to its competitors. As a result of this, impacts of lower gross margins have been offset, which has given the company a competitive

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The company leads globally in the design and supply of athletic apparel and shoes, and sports equipment. In its 2008 fiscal year, the company recorded an excess of US$18.6 billion in its revenue and it employed over 30,000 people globally. According to The Oregon, Precision Castparts and Nike are the only Fortune 500 corporations headquartered in state of Oregon.
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Today, most sports people prefer its products than any other brand and many renowned faces have been its ambassadors all over the world. However, this does not conclude the company’s good faith. Over the years, Nike has also been accused of violating human rights and thus, these issues have cropped up and led to the fall and loss of face for the company to a great deal.
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The sports giant operates its over 200 commercial retail stores in the names of “Niketown and “NikeWomen” that are leased and owned exclusively by Nike. The company enjoys a stupendous above 40%
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However, this does not conclude the company’s good faith. Over the years, Nike has also been accused of violating human rights and thus, these issues have cropped up and led to the fall and loss of face for
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It took this name from a Greek goddess of victory. Nike’s first products were track running shoes. A soccer shoe by the name Nike was the first shoe to be sold to the public. Currently,
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ajor manufacturer of sports equipment, with revenue in excess of US$24.1 billion in its fiscal year 2012 (Brian, 2002).The brand alone is valued at $10.7 billion, making it the most valuable brand among sports businesses. Due to its presence in many countries, Nike has had to
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edge (Everatt & Slaughter 65). The company has experienced a strong start in the FY2012, which is encouraging to any interested investor. Statistics indicate that the company has been a noteworthy performer in the stock business, which should give any investor in NIKE stocks hope and positive anticipation. For example, the earnings growth rate currently stands at 13.1%, which implies that investors are highly likely to make profits from company stocks if present factors are constant. The last one year return reads 16.498% which further compounds the belief that stock business with NIKE Inc. is expected to be a success. SWOT Analysis a) Strengths As a result of its unique brand and a wide business portfolio, NIKE performs notably well in the market segment despite the flooding of many competitors. The company is also unique in the sense that it has no factories, which has ensured that it is a lean organization. The company has proficient development and research which uses the principal of quality innovativeness. The company is able to produce quality products even with a low price, which has enhanced its reputation among customers. As a result of this, NIKE products are globally recognizable, and this is a marketing tool (Needles & Powers 83). b) Weaknesses Product diversification is not as high as other sportswear companies. The company instead depends on its market share to earn considerably. As much as NIKE Inc. gets enough income, this trait means that the company is vulnerable to collapse in case its own market share is eroded. c) Threats The global nature of trade exposes NIKE Inc. to various threats, which are likely to compromise its market performance. This is because the company keeps buying and selling in various countries, therefore, margins and costs are not stable over a long period of time. This would culminate


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Financial Analysis: NIKE Inc. Company Overview Nike Inc rates as one of the world’s best manufacturer of athletics apparel and footwear. This company has captured the lion’s share of US athletic shoe market, and currently, it rates first in the global market despite competition from companies like Adidas and Puma…
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Financial Anaysis: NIKE Inc essay example
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