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Contemporary Issues in Finance 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 2 Introduction 3 Regulatory Framework of US 3 Regulatory Framework of UK 6 Regulatory Framework of EUs 7 Similarities or Differences Present In the Regulatory Reforms of US, UK and EU’s after Crisis 8 Conclusion 10 Introduction For hundreds of years, economic crisis has been described on the financial landscape.


This paper is a brief article about the financial crisis which was being identified by the end of 2007 till the beginning of 2008. It was due to the ill-effects of the crisis that regulatory reforms were taken by US, UK and EU regions. This paper will thereby focus on the regulatory reforms adopted by these nations in the milieu of the 2008 financial crisis. Regulatory Framework of US Financial crisis is often termed as an unknown disturbance which leads to erosion of the total financial market of a country or a nation. By the end of 2007, with the identification of the financial crisis, US and other globalised economies become highly concerned about their survival as a global power. Most businesses ruined and were forecasted to lose approximately $ 2.7 trillion in this crisis (Rude, 2008). As a result, unemployment was at its highest stage. With this concern, the US government concentrated on keeping the banks and most significant businesses alive to overcome the unwanted danger. The crisis acted promptly drafting many important pieces of legislation or necessary changes and charting the post-crisis financial regulatory framework. But it was not an easy task; it comprised of numerous hurdles within it. ...
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