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Topic: Inter To Accounting Name: Course: Instructor’s Name: Date: Executive summary There has been a lot of arguments, on the effects of public announcement made by companies or release financial information on the impact that such announcements has on market share price of the company.


Mutiny Gold Limited is one of the key major players in gold, copper and nickel mining and exploration activities and has great control in this sector. It is a public company which is listed in ASX, and has two main competitors; Kingsgate Consolidated Limited and Eldorado Gold Corporation who will also be analyzed in this report. This report consider the released quarterly activities and cash flow results in the year 2011 and the impact the half year profit result had on the stock prices. In the cash flow report, Mutiny Gold Limited had its net cash flow improve significantly. This made the share prices of Mutiny Gold Limited gain slightly as portrayed by the positive residual over time. Profit announcement Mutiny gold limited as a limited company must always adhere to the capital market regulation. Therefore, it is obligated to provide financial results and report to the shareholders and members of the public. In conformance to this requirement the company on 29th July, 2011 released a report having information about the quarterly activities and a cash flow report. The announcement made through the Australia Security Exchange press made information available to both investors and members of the public. ...
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