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Leases and lease structures - Essay Example


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Leases and lease structures

The lessee gets full control of the asset so leased and makes payments on monthly basis or as the contract specifies. The lessee gets right over tax benefits of interest and depreciation without violating the rights of the lessor. The lease arrangement is a form of sourcing for finance for a contractor. The contract should clearly indicate the specified assets to be leased, the size and even the cost and period of time it will be used. The period of contracting is non-cancellable. However, the options of extending or terminating the lease are and should be discussed and put on the contract. This opens room for reassessment of the terms of the contract. The lessee should account for a lease at the initial stage as an a liability since he is under obligation to pay the interests and also recognize the specified item as an asset since he has control over the assets. This should be recorded at the present value of the lease amount to be paid eventually. The value of the lease is thus calculated by discounting the total amount of lease payments being made. Leases structures Sales type lease – this lease arrangement transfers all risks and benefits for using the specified asset to the lessee i.e. the contractor. This is determined when the carrying amount of the assets is different from the fair value being offered by the lessor. The gains or losses incurred in this case should be accounted for according to the FASB. Ownership transfer is made to the lessee in this case. The operating lease does

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Leases and lease structure issues memorandum
The use of bankruptcy is never easy, but at times it is the best legal protection a corporation can choose. Contingencies such as lawsuits are events that must be disclosed to the shareholders and other users of financial information. The dangers of being sued pass through just about every single facet of the corporate world, and the enormity of prospective losses from suet can be significant.
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Response to Client Request
According to FAS no. 13 which is ‘Accounting for Leases’, there are different types of leases from the standpoint of lessee and lessor. Following are the different types of leases from the standpoint of lessee; capital leases and operating leases. Following are the different types of leases from the standpoint of lessor; sales-type leases, direct financing leases, leveraged leases, and operating leases.
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Lease assingment
Several items in the Lease agreement should be changed to make my life as a tenant of Lucifer Leasing Company comfortable. The Lease Agreement should have option clauses that will enhance flexibility of all tenants through offering, subletting and reassignment or transfer of leasing rights (Jacobus 282).
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Lease hold
A legal agreement (lease) is put in place with the freeholder. The agreement shows the number of years the leaseholder will own the property. When the lease ends, the ownership of the property is returned to the freeholder. The leaseholders are also referred to as tenants or lessees while the freeholders are also referred to as a property owner or lesser.
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5b: Leases E-mail Memo
for this small educational institution with limited resources to expand it must find innovative ways to obtain the resources in needs to comply with the demand for educational services. The organization needs to acquire need equipment and materials to be able to enroll more
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rt assesses certain costs incurred in connection with the lease agreement, in order to determine whether or not they would fall within the provisions of the “minimum lease payments” provision in FASB Statement no: 13. Under the lease classification criteria set out under
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Leases (Accounting)
ounting model has been criticized by many users of financial statements because of its complexity, as assets and liabilities are not recognized, and similar transactions are reported in different manner. Assets and liabilities are understated in the operating lease accounting
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However, the main objective of the paper is to explain what happens to the property, if happened that the person who leased the office died during the lease period. The lease of a real property is terminable at the inclinations
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25.Leases: Describe a capital and operating lease. What are the requirements in determining the type of lease How does the accounting differ between the two types of leases
For the owner, the asset that is leased is always accounted for as an asset, despite depreciation. It, therefore, means that operating lease leave the lessor with a risk of equity, such that coming to end of the lease term the lessor shall be relying on
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Under the finance lease, all the risks and rewards that come with ownership are transferable to the lessee. To the lessee, it forms both an asset and liability while to the lessor it is a receivable. On the other hand, operating leases form an expense to the
5 pages (1250 words) Essay
not transfer full ownership to the lessee. The risk of using the assets is not transferred to the lessee in this case. The minimum of lease payments to be made in this case are not reasonably determined and predicted. The lessor doesn’t determine the amount of reimbursement that may occur due to uncertainties. The benefits associated with this are that ownership and risks rests with the lessor thus any technological obsolescence is at the owner’s mercies. This qualifies as an off-balance sheet treatment which in turn improves the over return on asset (Peter et al, 2006). The direct financing structure on the other hand, is one where the carrying value of the asset is determined as the same as the fair value being offered by the lessor. All risks and ownership is substantially transferred to the lessee according to International Accounting Standard (IAS 17). This arrangement however, can easily predict the minimum lease payments to be made and uncertainties are minimal on the side of the lessor. Irregardless of the type of lease structure adopted, the initial recording of this arrangement is done at commencement of the contract but not at the interception date. The measures of lease assets and liabilities should be done before commencement and a discount rate determined that will be used for discounting and measuring the lease payments. Costs incurred before commencement of the lease should be accounted for in the contract terms for both parties. The lease arrangement is generally a way of bypassing the huge capital budgets constraint and otherwise sourcing the assets required at a rental payment. The assets i.e. the trailer will be leased out and returned at the end of the contract and there are no worries of raising the huge amounts of purchasing them. Any option above can be chosen depending on its viability from the lessee’s view. The terms of the contract should be clearly laid out in the


Leases and lease structures Name: Institution: Subject: Date: A lease contract in this concept has been defined as a contract that gives the lessee the right to use the lessor equipment in our case the trailers for a specified period of time at a specified amount of lessee payments…
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Leases and lease structures
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