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The accounting equation and it's componants - Essay Example

The accounting equation and it's componants

It is evident that every day we are directly involved in accounting transactions either directly or indirectly. This job referred to as accounting is mainly conducted by a pool of qualified person referred to as accountants. The main objectives of accounting are: To keep systematic records- The financial information is very useful in making crucial decision on a company. Thus, it is necessary to keep proper records as human memory cannot be entrusted to remember the specific details of the transactions carried out (Norton & Porter, 2010). To protect business properties- accounting is useful in safeguarding the business property by providing crucial business information to the specified persons such as managers or proprietor. Ascertain operational profit or loss- Through accounting, the net profit or loss gained by the business during a specified period is identified. This is possible by having a record of all the revenues and expenditure. The profit and loss account is specifically used to document this with excess of revenue over expenses referred to as profits. Ascertain financial position- the balance sheet is a document, which records what the business owes, and owns. From such information, the financial position of the business is established. Facilitate rational decision Making- by having done analysis of the business transaction. Accounting is capable of identifying strong points of the business and thus is an essential tool in rational

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Evolution of Management Accounting discipline and it's relationship with other functions in organisations
The primary difference can be realized through the changing thought process of entrepreneurial and managerial perspectives. The increasing volume of trade and business activities raises the necessity of advanced business models and theories. The companies have realized the essence of cross-functional integration in achieving common organisational long term and short term goals.
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Understand & explain the Accounting Equation and its components
They are made to ensure that the financial statements are based on the matching principle and revenue recognition concept . These requires that revenues be recorded when earned and expenses are matched to the accounting period, when the revenue they helped produce, was earned .
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The Equation of Change
Question one The “equation of exchange” is a fundamental equation in economics that demonstrates the relationships among money supply, the level of price, velocity of money and the index of spending. MV = PQ. MV represents the expenditure (the money supply (M) times the velocity of money (V).
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Inferential Statistics: Michaelis-Menten equation
V= Vmax [S]/ Km + [S] (Sprott, 2001)
Where; V represents the speed/time of the enzymatic reaction while Vmax represents the velocity of the saturation of the enzyme with the substrate. [S] represents the substrate concentration and Km is referred to as the Michealis constant. He above equation has calculated error term denoted as e1.
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There is no place for judgement in accounting it's simply mathematics and a precise subject. Explore the above statement
The conceptual framework includes the principles, regulations and rules that are to be followed by accounting officials while preparing and presenting financial statements. The international accounting standards board (IASB) uses the conceptual framework as a statistical tool in order to develop and revise the international financial reporting standards (IFRS).
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Utopia and Cold Equation
The cold equations tell of a story of the world on the space as people travel to other planet, which does not have an appealing lifestyle. In the utopian world there is no private property, everything is owned communally. People farm together, their goods are stored together in warehouses, and everyone has access without having to ask for it (More 20).
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The accounting equation. AT&T and Verizon
It can also be expanded as: assets less liabilities = shareholders' equity (revenue less expenses). The balance sheet of a business organization becomes the clearest manifestation of how this accounting equation is applied as this financial statement shows how its resources are financed by its stakeholders.
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NIOSH Lifting Equation
The NIOSH lifting equation was first provided in 1985 and later revised in 1985 which expanded its area of application in the field of biomechanical analysis. However, as with all other biomechanical assessment techniques, the NIOSH's lifting equation also was provided with its assumptions and limitations.
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Which equation is correct
498). It is known to decompose on heating leaving a black solid residue and releasing a gas. The metal carbonates are known to decompose into metal
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They allow the users of the information presented to make financial decisions, which influence the financial health of organizations. 2. While financial accounting is a statutory requirement for organizations, management accounting is
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decision-making. Accounting Terminologies There are various terminologies used in accounting process or financial reporting which includes: Event- This refers to an occurrence that has effect on assets, liabilities, or shareholders’ equity. Account- the term refers to systematic arrangement of transactions Permanent account- it is an indefinite account whose balance at the end of an accounting period is used in the next accounting period. Nominal accounts- this refers to accounts, which are closed at the end of the accounting period. Financial Statements- these are documents, which takes into account all the accounting information of the business during a specified period. In their preparation, international financial reporting standards must be adhered (Clark & Owen, 2001). Accounting and My personal life The skills gained in the accounting field are not only applicable to the business setup but also to personal life. In some instances, I have encountered a conflict between my personal and professional ethics. In the circumstance, I realized that my personal ethics could affect my professional ethics and thus had to make some adjustments. Though accounting, I have managed to improve my skills in keeping record of the activities I am involved. From the information got, I have been able to evaluate the viability of the activity, which has been essential in my decision-making. In addition, I have been able to manage the various resources I have so that I do not engage myself in activities that are not rewarding. These merits are not specifically attached to me but also to all persons practicing accounting. After completing your studies, you anticipate to get well rewarding jobs. These jobs will ensure that you will also reap the same merits in same quantity or even more. Role of Technology in small Business accounting It is evident that there are various technological advancements implemented in the field of business. This is not only experienced in large business only but also in small business accounting. In small


We usually pay for our fares, refill our vehicle fuel tanks, and purchase books. In all these activities accounting is very necessary to ensure that the services are efficiently offered to all the customers keeping track of all transactions…
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The accounting equation and its componants
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