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Coursework example - Choo Bee Metal Industries

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High school
Finance & Accounting
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Choo Bee Metal Industries earned revenues of RM221 million in 2010 compared to RM196 million in 2009, RM 275 million in 2008 and RM 220 million in 2007…

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The company registered a marginally lower profit before tax of RM5 million in 2010 compared to the figure of RM18 million in 2009. This decrease is attributed to the fall in steel prices and dampened business activities. Because of the slumping price situation, the Group also adjusted their inventory net realizable value by taking on a write down of RM10.2 million. The company earned revenues of RM221 million in 2010, which was 13% more than the prior year's results (RM196 million in 2009). The net income fell at from RM14 million in 2009 to RM5 million in 2010. The dividends per share (Sen) remained fixed at 4.50 while the earnings per share (Sen) decreased from 18.49 (2009) to 14.80 (2010). Since most companies in the supplies and fixtures areas of construction do not pay a dividend, the positive trend Choo Bee Metal Industries has shown in dividend payments, deserves a special mention. ...
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