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As the factors of the variables of ratio analysis are different for different industries and it also varies from country to country so for taking a decision based on the ratio analysis the researcher should take all the factors which affect the variable in consideration.


The paper is an attempt to analyze the accuracy of the statement of Lev and Sunder using some evidences taken from real world, especially by doing the cross sectional analysis of financial ratios. Use of Financial Ratios Financial ratios are used to measure a company’s financial condition or to analyze between two companies’ financial condition. All the stakeholders of the company have interest in company’s future, that is how the company would perform in the short term or long term future, how much it is secure to invest in the company, what type of change should be introduce so that the company can perform better.
When an investor wants to take the decision to invest money, certainly he wants to invest it in the most effective company, the decision he can take by using the financial ratio analysis along with other type of analysis like qualitative analysis or other type of quantitative analysis.
Critical Analysis Ratio analysis is a very widely used tool for analyze the financial stability of a firm. But there are certain problems arise when the analyst don’t take the associated factors in consideration. When the analyst is doing the performance analysis of two companies, they should remind that two companies can follow two different accounting policies. There is no single accounting standard which is being followed by the companies all over the world.
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