Modern Risk Analysis Based on PRA

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Topic: Modern Risk Analysis based on PRA Name: XXXXXXXXXX Professor: XXXXXXXX Institution: XXXXXXX Course Title: XXXXXX Date: XXXXXXXXXX Introduction Probabilistic Risk Analysis (PRA) is a procedural use of probability distributions in the determination of levels of uncertainty associated with estimates of risk.


This risk assessment leads to an output of ranging risks prior to the experiences of the receptors. Proper probabilistic risk assessments require adequate description of the input parameters. For this to happen, it requires that distributional data be available and further be adequate in describing the already identified input parameters. PRA purely employs probability and probability distributions in the characteristic analysis. Probability denotes the chances of occurrence of an uncertain phenomenon. The uncertainty constitutes occurrence of risk. Through PRA, risk assessments can be carried out and the levels of risk therein identified. Use of probability in the assessments of risk can be used in the understanding, quantifying and management of risk. Such a process can further be analysed in relation to the limitations of quantifying risk using probability. Reasons why probability is chosen as opposed to other measures of uncertainty Probability quantifies the description of levels of risk, characterized by the aspect of uncertainty or variability associated with risk estimates. Risk therefore becomes comprehensively characterized by using probability, which would not be the case when point estimate measure of risk is used (UKOOA, 2006, pg. 134). This feature therefore makes probability a better measure of risk than the point estimate method. ...
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