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Financial Analysis of Damiani Activities Performed by the Company: Damiani Group was founded by Enrico Damiani in Italy, back in 1924 aiming to deliver a wide range of jewelry products. The business has developed itself over the years through its prestigious brands; Salvini, Alfieri, St.


It is extensively relied on the notion of “Celebrity Endorsement” to advertise its leading brands. Major events that occurred during the last 4 fiscal years The purchase of Rocca In 2008, Damiani Group acquired “Rocca”, a high end jewelry and watch chain leader in Italy. Rocca will represent as the first distribution brand of Damiani and it will help sell all the leading brands of the company. The acquired company has its strong footprints in the Italian market. Commercial and licensing agreements During the year 2009, the Group has signed commercial and licensing agreements for the creation, design and distribution of jewelry lines with the prestigious brands. ...
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