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Name Course Assignment No. Assignment Title Place of Study: Canterbury Christ Church University – Business School Tutor’s Name Date of Submission Financial reporting standards provide a framework to monitor the actions of the management who are the agents of shareholders.


When making this decision, IAS 8.11 requires the management to show the definitions, recognition procedures, and dimension concepts for assets, incomes, liabilities, expenses and liabilities in the accounting Framework. A good financial statement is one that is understandable to every stakeholder of the company with minimum difficulties, thus financial statements should be simple and easy to understand. Two it should be reliable in that potential investors can rely on it to make decisions. Three it should be easy to compare with other financial statements in the market. Last but not least financial statement should be relevant. The information used in the financial statement should be relevant and material for decision making. Therefore, ambiguous information should be avoided when preparing financial information. This will eliminate any essence of misguide to the stakeholders of the company. Financial reporting standards have been revised severally over years to capture the dynamics in accounting sector. They have reviewed severally to incorporate the emerging trends in global business such as mergers, foreign acquisition among others. ...
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