Company Results and Future Expectations: Deutsche Bank

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Company Results and Future Expectations: Deutsche Bank Name Professor’s Name Course Date Deustche Bank Recent history and performance Deustche Bank is a worldwide financial institution that is rooted and has a major base in Germany. Its headquarters are found at Frankfurt.


The other aim of forming Deustche bank was to facilitate effective international and foreign trade between Germany and the rest of the world and to engage in the banking business of almost all kinds (Jones, 1994). At the time of this bank’s formation, Germans foreign trade was as well on the rise. The bankers in Germany also became open minded and welcomed any innovative idea which helped propel the growth of the banking industry (Jones, 1994). The bank also made history as the last bank to be issued with the banking license at that state of events and its license stressed much on foreign trade as Germany extended its wings to trade with the rest of the world (Jones, 1994). Up to this moment, the bank has had a very wide coverage throughout the world, its expansion strategy started locally with Bremen and Hamburg in the year1871 and 72. It then spread to the Far East and established a branch in Shangai China and later in London UK. The bank also has major branches in North and South America in cities like New York with financial centers in major financial centers of the world; New York, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Mumbai and others. With over 75 branches around the world spreading majorly in European countries, Asia and to an extent the emerging markets, the bank is the best employer with over 120,000 employees worldwide (Jones, 1994). ...
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