Sun-Rype Products Ltd: Position Summary

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Financial Position Summary Sun-Rype Products Limited is a Canadian-based company that operates in the beverage industry (Sun-Rype 1). The company engages in the manufacture, and sale of foods and beverages derived from fruits. A financial analysis of the company indicates that the operations engaged in are myriad and spread out over the Canadian markets.


This will mainly be done by considering the financial statistics presented in the financial statements and the effects of the operations on the main stakeholders. The key operations of Sun-Rype Products Limited are spread out through three main areas; branded beverage sales, branded food sales, and non-branded sales (Sun-Rype 3). These three areas of operation provided the main revenue for Sun-Rype Products, and the remainder was acquired through the disposal of a subsidiary. The first area of operation, branded beverages, comprised 66% of the net sales in the 2010 financial year, sales that were made primarily in Canada. This figure is a 1% higher volume than the previous year, though it was a 4% decrease in net sales. The second area of operation, branded food sales, comprised 29% of net sales in 2010, which is also a 4% decrease in the net sales figure from the previous year (Sun-Rype 4). This product line is sold in Canada and selected areas of the United States, which is an indication of the geographical diversity. The decrease in net sales was occasioned by an increasingly competitive market and a reduction in key customer groups. The third area of operation, non-branded beverages, is an area that focuses on contract manufacturing of food and beverages for other entities. ...
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