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Financial Analysis of the Marston’s Group Marston Group is a privately owned specialist firm operating in United Kingdom aiming to provide its services in the field of civil and high court enforcement. It’s an agency that provides an ethical and professional approach to clients seeking recovery solutions; from amicable recovery to enforcement.


The recessionary woes prevalent in the country have adversely affected the business of company. As the recession has taken a strong hit on the manufacturing organizations, so has service sector been affected by it. Although revenue has declined by a meager percentage, the profitability of the company has been slashed down by 73.5% during the same year. The operating expenses have themselves decreased by 2.6% on account of declining revenues and a better allocation of resources by management during the period. Exceptional items occurrence in the operating expenses section have trimmed the profitability. They have increased from a tiny ?4.7 Million in 2008 to ?37.4 Million in 2009 which represents an increase of 687% over the period. Finance costs have also painted a dim picture of profitability increasing by 10.28% during the period from CY08 to CY09. The financial burden was magnified because of an increase in exceptional items occurring in the financial charges table which increase from ?4.2 Million to ?11.9 Million. Income taxes paid during the year decreased by 65.3% with the credit going to the inverse effect of exception items on the taxable income. In a nutshell, if we exclude the effects of exceptional items, the profitability has only shrunk by 20%. ...
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