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Car Buying Assignment - Research Paper Example

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Car and Home Buying Name of Student Course Code Instructor Date Due Car and home buying assignment Solutions to Problem Set 5 SOLUTION 1 Quantitative Product Evaluation Using Consumer Buying Matrix Brand A = (.1X6) + (.6X8) + (.3X7) =7.5 Brand B= (.1X9) + (.6X6) + (.3X8) =7.8 Brand C = (.1X5) + (.6X9) + (.3X6) =7.9 From The Evaluation It Noted That Brand A is rated at 7.5, B at 7.8 and C at 7.9…

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Car Buying Assignment

Present Value Annuity of 5% for 10 years =12.578(use a financial table for PVA, Tapiero, 2010) = ($180 12.578 (PVA 5%, 10 years) = $2,264.04 SOLUTION 4 Amount saved=$ 3,800 Time =5 years Rate=7% Present value annuity of 7% for 5 years=2.624(use a financial table for PVA, Tapiero, 2010) = ($3800 x 2.624(PVA 7%, 5yrs) =$9,971.2 SOLUTION 5 Cash cost=$60 Credit cost = ($60+ ($34for 24) =$876-$695= $181 Home Buying Assignment Grading Rubric Table Comparing Data for the Two Homes Particulars For each home in terms of: 1942 San Ysidro Drive Beverly hills’, CA 18737 Gledhill Street Northridge, CA Price $1,195,000 $579,000 Age 57 years 59 years No. of bedrooms 3 3 No. ...
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