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An audit is a process of planning, gathering of evidence, investigating the evidence and writing a report about the findings including recommendations for betterment of the process. An audit is a vital aspect of any organization and its undertaking is equally more important.


This therefore shows that an audit should be frequently undertaken and in a very concise manner. Another reason it should always be undertaken is that it helps mitigate the possibility of any risks in the operations of the business. In line with the above, an auditor selected to conduct one to an organization needs to write an audit proposal to convince the management on the importance of conducting the audit and how cost effective they are likely to do it and achieve the organizational objectives. A proposal must be detailed and thorough, prepared in an ethical and professional manner (Blazek, 2008). Types of Audits applicable There are several forms of audit that can be performed to Kudler fine foods. This is to ensure its smooth operations, sure financial stability, and accountability and the most is, the audit to ensure that it’s system controls function effectively. Among the types of audits we have; financial audits, this is done ascertain the reliability, reliance, fairness, accuracy of the financial data. Financial data that can be relied upon aids in the planning of several company activities, good financial data helps an organization in focusing into the future (Blazek, 2008). ...
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