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Finance and Accounting: Part IV Name Course Instructor’s Name Date Finance and Accounting: Part IV A. Comparative Income and Expense Statement for September and October Income September October Variance Income from work (mine) $ 2,800 $ 2,800 - Income from work (husband) 3,500 3,500 - Total Income 6,300 6,300 - Expenses Variable Expenses Food allowance 1,500 1,600 100 Transportation 900 1,000 100 Savings for emergency/vacations/insurance 300 1,000 700 Miscellaneous 300 150 (150) Total Variable Expenses 3,000 3,750 750 Fixed Expenses Utilities 300 300 - Telephone and Cable 250 250 - Housing loan payment 2,000 2,000 - Total Fixed Expenses 2,550 2,550 - Total Expenses 5,550 6,400 850 Net Surpl


The variances reflected the amount that needed to be earmarked for the vacation in Hawaii, life insurance of children, and the funds needed for the Christmas vacation, as identified under financial goals (Part 1). When these were not yet reflected in the Income and Expenses Statement for September, there was a surplus of $750. However, given that additional savings were needed for the planned expenses, no surplus was therefore reflected for October. Discuss what you learned about the budgeting process from this exercise and whether you feel you need to make any adjustments to your monthly budget. I realized that to finance planned vacations and other financial needs, the family needs to earmark an exact amount per month to save for these projected expenses. ...
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