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Relevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Traditional Costing - Essay Example

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Relevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Traditional Costing

The basic aim of this entire report is to discuss the rise and fall of the traditional costing system with a focus on the reason as to why the traditional costing system provided a vague picture of the product cost. The report also addresses all the issues and the comments passed upon by the senior management officials of JM Ltd while they were being interviewed. Finally the report elaborates the use and advantage of Activity Based Costing and provides an insight as to the suitability and usage of Activity Based Costing system for manufacturing organizations as compared to the traditional costing system.
Costing is defined as “The establishment of budgets, standard costs and actual costs of operations, processes, activities or products; and the analysis of variances, profitability, or the social use of funds” (Lucey, 1996). With an end to the barter system, money became an important consideration. The introduction of money as a medium to purchase and sell any product or service led to issue of costs. Initially, the manufacturing companies were concerned and affiliated with the with the traditional costing approach in order to ascertain the costs of the manufactured products but later this focus also shifted towards the service industry as well whereby many different service providing organizations used traditional costing principles in order to value their provided services (Kapil, 2011). Problems faced by JM Ltd The cost accounting system is an integral part of an organization which helps in understanding and reviewing the internal financial system. Jarmurph Ltd follows the traditional costing system. The company was founded in 1988 when the traditional costing system was at the peak of its usage and was very much popular amongst manufacturing companies. Manufacturing companies used to value and ascertain the cost of their products using traditional methods such as marginal or absorption costing. Marginal costing is the process through which the variable costs of any particular product are attributed to the cost unit s and the fixed costs are written off against the net contribution. Absorption costing on the other hand absorbs all the costs of a particular product without distinguishing between fixed and variable costs. Unlike marginal costing, absorption costing absorbs the entire costs of a product in the total production costs (Lucey, 1996; Dorf 1994). The issues and the problems existing within JM Ltd have been considered separately as follows: Chief Accountant’s Issue The concepts underlying within JM Ltd are old school and they need proper up gradation in order to understand the complex environment in which the company operates. The chief accountant for JM Ltd believes that there fixed costs do not change; hence there is no use of trying to reduce such costs as they would not get reduced. This concept is not true as fixed costs vary in the long run and they do not remain constant. This can be easily illustrated by the fact when analysing the fixed cost with respect to the number of units produced. If for e.g. the fixed costs of producing 4000 units of any particular are $8000 (Fixed cost per unit would be $2) than these would definitely vary if 5000 units are produced, leading to a reduction in the fixed cost per unit (i.e. $1.6). This is a common misconception that lies within the traditional costing system, people tend to consider that if the proceed generated from an incremental sale is ...Show more


The report focuses on the different costing systems such as absorption costing, standard costing and the variable costing system, illustrating both the strengths and the flaws of these costing systems…
Author : martinehyatt
Relevance Lost: The Rise and Fall of Traditional Costing essay example
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