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Toyota Motor Corporation – Management of Assets Now days, the global automotive industry is facing increased worldwide competition more than ever before. Automotive firms are forced to introduce innovative and competitively priced products. Nevertheless, Toyota Motor Corporation with its 70-year history is able to achieve its objectives regardless of the challenges it face today.


On pursuing its business model, Toyota periodically reviews the carrying value of its long-term assets used in the business, including intangible assets as circumstances deserve such review. The company carries out the review using estimates of future cash flows and fair value that the management think would influence the accurate valuation of assets. In the same way, Toyota also needs to consider the assets like high quality fixed income bonds and fixed income bonds that are presently available and anticipated to be available in the future. The company also takes into account the deferred tax assets as there are chances for the actual taxable income to differ from the estimated amounts due to various assumptions (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2010). There are liquid assets in the business which the company defines cash and cash equivalents, time deposits, marketable debt securities that are taken into account to make sure that the company is in line with its business model. However, goodwill is not material to Toyota’s consolidated balance sheet, and intangible assets with a definite life are amortised on a straight-line basis with estimated useful lifetime of five year. ...
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