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Name: Institution: Tutor: Subject: Date: Google company case analysis Overview In 1996, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two university students, developed a search engine during their research project. This evolved to Google Inc. since 1997. The company was launched I 1998, September.


The company has acquired you tube and feed burner making it easier to access entertainment through the web. It has also acquired documents termed as jotspots, spreadsheets i.e. the 2web technologies and presentations called zenters. Google Company believes in working in a fun environment to develop technology. It also aims to synchronize the information from different companies. The information provided in the search engines is targeted for users as well it is relevant (Susan, 2025). Stock analysis The company stock stood at highs of $588.19 since the upgrading was implemented. The past three months have experienced a market rise in its price earnings of 12%. The company has been able recouple its losses since the adopted upgrading strategy. The share gained 4.5% on 28/11/2009 to close at $588.19. It had lows of $587.55 i.e.-0.11% to -0.64%. The company share price stood at lows of $500 and highest of $600 in the past three month (Market watch, pp.1). The company has been experiencing threats in its advertising from Facebook that was causing the losses in its share price before upgrading. The company has spent $1.48million in lobby acts to government in an attempt to scrutinize the illegal use of internet activities. This amount has been to be the highest ever spent over the years of its operations. This report was revealed last work. ...
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