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The best “urban chic” business venture is establishment of a fitness club which may be called Rollin Fitness Center.Unlike item selling shops in the region, fitness clubs are very few and they cannot meet the rising demand of clients in the region.


Moreover, the demand will extensively rise next year due to the Olympic Games that will be hosted in the region (Heather, 2000). Therefore, a fitness club is the best business venture that can transform the Olympic Village post the Olympic Games that commence in 2012. Besides, initiating a fitness club is a fun and financially paying business that assists people get and remain strong, healthy and fit. Owning such a business enables an individual own an artistic and resourceful business in a recession-resistant field. This business entails providing fitness services, which include individual training services, and BFIT rehab, which refers to a physical rehabilitation service. The club will also sell a range of nutritional, fitness and health products. These include the company’s own BFIT nutritionals at its stores that will be exclusive in the center (Curtis, 2003). The facilities that must be present at Rollin Fitness Center include cardio training equipments like 50Kg Barbell Dumbbell set, magnum fitness flat and auto incline treadmill; strength equipments like BNRG Proto Whey 5Lbs, power rack and smith machine and bench package. Most gyms in Europe especially in UK charge ?500 to ?700 a month but to increase competitiveness, Rollin Fitness Center should charge ?450 to ?500 a month. ...
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